Mr. Saccullo's Social Studies Classes


In order to join Remind you need to
text the code for your class (located below) to 81010

  • 2nd Period Sachem North: @b466989
    5th Period Social Studies Samoset: @842h42
    6th Period Social Studies Samoset: @db6agb
    8th Period Honors Social Studies Samoset: @2egafbf
    9th Period Honors Social Studies Samoset: @94k4ahg

Google Classroom Code Sachem North

2nd Period U.S. History and Government: jzzxvy3

Google Classroom Codes Samoset

5th Period Social Studies: 7yp5e2p
6th Period Social Studies: ebs5u46
8th Period Honors Social Studies: kh2dw4q
9th Period Honors Social Studies: ja5n5ka